Album Review: Tee Grizzley & Lil Durk Bloodas


Rappers Tee Grizzley and Lil Durk just dropped another collab project to add to a stream of collaboration albums and mixtapes that have dropped this year. Going into this project I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, as I was familiar with a few of Tee Grizzley’s singles (primarily the song “First Day Out”) and was indifferent on them for the most part. I saw Grizzley as a rapper who had potential but was unsure if it would ever be reached. I had not heard anything by Lil Durk, as I hardly recognized his name.

When I began listening to this album I was instantly surprised. The beats hit hard and Grizzley brought a huge amount of energy to the tracks. The production was good as well. Nothing special as much of it fit the mainstream trap wave. The only beats I felt were a little flat were some of the later cuts on the project, primarily the song “Melody” which features some R&B influence and sounds very cliche in my opinion.

The lyrics on this album aren’t great, but they are serviceable. Neither Grizzley nor Durk said anything I recall being wack or corny. The hooks, lyrically, are catchy enough and serve their purpose well.

The main gripe I have with this album is Lil Durk. His voice is extremely annoying to me. He sounds like a cheap version of Nav (who is really a cheap version of the Weeknd/Quavo). His verses and hooks completely ruin this project for me. I found myself enjoying tracks until Lil Durk made his appearance, which would often turn me off from the entire song. If you enjoy, or can at least deal with, Lil Durk’s voice and inflection, you probably enjoyed this project much more than I did.

Coming away from this project I look forward to Tee Grizzley’s next solo venture as he seems to be progressing as a rapper. On this project, he brought more aggression than I had heard on his other material. His flow also improved, as he sounds a little off beat on some of his older stuff (an example would be “From the D to the A”with Lil Yatchy”). I will probably never listen to a solo Lil Durk project, as I feel that his music is just not for me.


Author: austinfarewell

Austin Farewell is a college freshman and freelance writer. He enjoys hip-hop music, films about deep philosophical topics, and stupid jokes.

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