Don’t be the Cranky Old Lady at Taco Bell


A few days ago I went to Taco Bell to pick up something for dinner. While there I witnessed a woman possessed with all the villainy that can possibly be held within a human being.

Upon walking in she seemed normal, just standing near the counter waiting for her order. A few minutes later she began complaining:

Is that my order?

I’ve been here for a half hour waiting for my food!

After she finally received her food I thought she’d shut up. But no this was only the beginning.

She started to argue relentlessly with the cashier.

Where’s my bag of chips?? See the picture I’m supposed to get a bag of chips!

The cashier, a woman probably in her late twenties, was very gracious to her. She kindly tried to explain to the older woman that a bag of chips did not come with the order. The woman ordered a Doritos Locos Taco, and the chip bag in the photo was there to illustrate that the taco shell was made out of potato chips.

After complaining for another 2-3 minutes the woman made her way out the door proclaiming that she’d never be eating there again.


I must admit, the food did take longer than I expected. It probably around 6-10 minutes to be done.

But is your order at Taco Bell taking longer than expected really worth getting that pissed off for? So much so that people can almost literally see steam coming off of your scalp? Is anything worth that?

After reflecting on this for a few minutes I came to realize how many people get pissed off about everything. They’re so cynical about society that they can’t even enjoy the simplest and most beautiful things in life (yes, Taco Bell I’m looking at you).

Some people just don’t know how to be happy. They’re so wrapped up in their own misery and misfortune that they treat everyone else like bags of garbage.

My advice for you?

Don’t be that angry old lady at Taco Bell.

Don’t be that dad yelling and screaming at his kid during his basketball game.

Don’t be that professor that makes her students miserable on purpose.

There a several ways you can prevent yourself from becoming this angel slayer coldhearted type of person:

The first way is to have a purpose and a drive. When people have no reason to get up in the morning, it’s a lot easier for them to find ways to make everyone else miserable.

When you aren’t living for something you won’t be happy. When you’re not happy you’re probably going to end up angry. When you end up angry you’re going to ruin people’s days. When you ruin people’s days… congrats you’ve become the cranky old lady at Taco Bell. 

Another way to not be a jerk is to learn to empathize with people. Although I’ve never worked at a restaurant before, I bet it sucks. Waitresses and cashiers are often running around doing 56 things at once. You are not their only priority.

Imagine being in their position. Stressed and tired from working your butt off. You’ve been working tirelessly at your crappy job just trying to get by. Then some lady walks in and starts yelling about how she didn’t get her bag of chips.

How would you react to that?

How would you feel?

How would you respond?

Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

A final way you can stop yourself from becoming the cranky old lady at Taco Bell is to put your ego aside. Most people that spend their time complaining at restaurants have a strong feeling of entitlement. Not a healthy feeling of entitlement either.

A healthy level of entitlement would be something like: I want food that doesn’t kill me and that tastes good.

Unhealthy egotistical entitlement is when you think that everything needs to be perfect because you deserve for it to be perfect. You think that you are so significant and so important that Taco Bell better get your food out to you fast and they better have your bag of chips.

The worst part is: a bag of chips didn’t even come with the meal. This woman felt entitled to something that wasn’t even on the menu.

News flash: Unless you’re a powerful political leader or a renown world-recognized specialist, you’re really not that significant.

There are literally 7 billion other people on the planet. You’re not that important and that’s actually a good thing. 

Because you’re not that significant you can put aside your ego. Don’t worry Netflix can wait, you don’t need to be in such a rush. And you sure don’t need to take out all your life’s frustration out on the cashier at Taco Bell.

You’re not Superman. You shouldn’t want to be Superman. The world is not in dire need of you. You should be okay with waiting a few extra minutes for your meal and you should be okay with not getting your potato chips.


Author: austinfarewell

Austin Farewell is a college freshman and freelance writer. He enjoys hip-hop music, films about deep philosophical topics, and stupid jokes.

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